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McKee Enterprises Earthwork Services


McKee Enterprises | Serving Washington State

Mass Exc
Mass Excavation near Seattle, WA

Mass Excavation

McKee Enterprises specializes in mass excavation! We have the crews and equipment to prepare any size job site from original ground, to finished grade. We use the latest technology to evaluate, plan and execute some of the biggest excavation projects in the Pacific Northwest. We love moving dirt!

Fine Grading in the Greater Puget Sound

Fine Grading

Our team, paired with the latest grading technology on the market, are unstoppable when it comes to fine grading! We take the time to evaluate and survey the landscape, and apply the best techniques for a strong, smooth finish. McKee Enterprises serves clients across Washington State.

Fine Grading
Site Development in Kirkland, WA

Site Development

McKee Enterprises serves the Greater Seattle Area as an industry leader in all areas of site development. Everything from dirt work, underground utilities, road building, demolition and more. We have the ability, experience and equipment to handle any size job site.

Site Dev
Civil Earthwork by McKee Enterprises

Heavy and Civil Earthwork

McKee Enterprises specializes in heavy and civil earthwork in Washington State. With more than 25 years in the industry, our field team has the skill and equipment to get the job done right, on time and on budget. McKee is a full service heavy and civil construction contractor across the Puget Sound.

Heavy Civil
Heavy Hauling in the Pacific Northwest
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Heavy Haul & Trucking Capabilities

McKee Enterprises is a leader in commercial construction for a few reasons. Our expertise and ability to import and export material on a large scale is one of them. Our trucking capabilities include heavy hauling, a variety of dump trucks and trailers including end dumps, log trailers and more.

Commercial Const
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We want to work with you on your next project!

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