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McKee Enterprises located in Enumclaw, WA


McKee Enterprises | Enumclaw, WA

McKee Enterprises

Earthwork | Civil Construction | Mass Excavation | Fine Grading

McKee Enterprises is a locally owned civil earthwork contractor founded in 2015. We serve the commercial, industrial, public and private markets. We work throughout Washington State; From Arlington, to Walla Walla and over to Vancouver. We'll be there when you need us! 

McKee Enterprises was formed in 2015, but the origin story and experience in the industry dates back 25+ years! Learn more about the founders of McKee; Josh, Travis and Sean.


McKee Enterprises has been building relationships in the construction business for more than 25 years. The majority of our upper management employees have been promoted within and stayed with us!


Our team here at McKee Enterprises is compiled of career operators, estimators, site supervisors and laborers. Overall, our team is one of the most experienced in the area!


Our Origin



The Founders of McKee Enterprises - Josh, and Travis - have built this company atop lifelong career backgrounds in the construction business.

The two brothers, Josh and Travis McKee, have been working together in the earthwork business for 25+ years, since the

age of 18.

In 2006, the McKee brothers bought a mini excavator. While the brothers continued their jobs working at another earthwork outfit, they would take on weekend jobs with that mini for several years.

Fast forward to 2013, Josh, and Travis were ready to move on from their current positions at the time. An initial conversation at lunch was the spark to the creation of this company two years later. McKee Enterprises officially opened its doors in 2015.

Already experienced with the civil construction world, McKee Enterprises got straight to work; our very first project was a commercial tilt-up building. Since its creation, the business has steadily grown and has taken on larger and more complex projects.

McKee Enterprises founded in Enumclaw, WA
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Do you want to join the McKee Family?

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